We are pleased to offer an array of natural and organic products from AOS in the Ritual Beauty spa. All AOS skincare products are made in small-batches with certified organic and wild harvested ingredients. They are committed to supporting small, organic farms and Fair Trade cooperatives. Many of the botanicals they use are grown by organic farmers in their local community of Bend, Oregon. 


Call, text, or email to purchase these luxurious products for use at home. We are happy to schedule your shopping experience by appointment.

Phyto-Active Firming Serum $72

Sale Price $54

Bio-active peptides, deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, and skin tightening Chinese mushroom extracts work together to repair, plump and firm your skin, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Brighten Up! Creamy Face Polish $36

Sale Price $27

Ultra-gentle cream cleanser removes dirt, grime and makeup without drying the skin. Round jojoba beads polish off dead skin cells without tearing delicate skin. Calming and hydrating to the most sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic and safe for those sensitive to fragrances.

Rose and Cardamom Gentle Cleanser $26

Sale Price $19.50

The combination of rose, cardamom, and aloe vera in this cleanser gently removes dirt while soothing and calming your skin at the same time. It’s the perfect cleanser if you experience dry skin with the change of seasons. 

Lavender and Aloe Facial Toner $28

Sale Price $21

The balancing fusion of organic lavender and rose hip seed oil with wildcrafted witch hazel help to tighten and tone your skin. This toner also clarifies and purifies delicate facial skin without leaving your face feeling dry.

Phyto-Active Firming Night Cream $72

Sale Price $54

Nighttime moisturizer for tightening, plumping and firming mature skin with fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.For noticeable results, use nightly for 30 days.

Youth in Bloom Travel Kit $50

Sale Price $37.50

This kit contains a selection of the enormously popular Youth in Bloom anti-wrinkle products. Take your favorite Youth in Bloom products everywhere and never miss a day of natural skin smoothing, wrinkle-fighting goodness ever again!

Heal cellular damage from environmental pollutants, stress, and sun exposure. Simulate collagen production, making the skin more supple and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. 

Sale Price $51

Ultra-C Radiance Serum $68

The 5% lactic acid gently dissolves dead skin cells while goji berries and green tea, high in antioxidants, collect damaging free radicals, protecting your skin from harm. The coconut oil helps fight acne, and is rich in skin-building essential fatty acids. 

Sale Price $36

Coconut Bliss Exfoliating Mask $48

This extra gentle, soap-free cleanser is rich and creamy, plumping your skin with natural hyaluronic acid and soothing with organic immortelle flowers, chamomile blossoms, plantain leaves and marshmallow roots. Anti-oxidant rich green tea and (wheat-free) vitamin E oil help repair damaged skin while you wash!

Sale Price $21

Youth in Bloom Hydrating Cleanser $28

Hydrate and refresh your face with this naturally fragrant and certified organic rose hydrosol. Rose also has anti-bacterial properties that prevents acne, soothes sunburns, and rejuvenates stressed skin. 

Sale Price $22.50

Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol $30

Firm and tighten skin, reduce sagging, plump up fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness and moisturize.

Sale Price $51

Phyto-Active Firming Eye Gel $68

Fragrance and flavoring-free, nourishing, protective balm. This lip balm has the naturally sweet flavor of cocoa butter. The natural mineral sunscreen are thick and spread easily over the lips forming a smooth, semi-matte finish with lasting protection.

Sale Price $9

Naked Hydrating Lip Balm $12

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