Take your beauty ritual to the next level with these additional offerings. Our enhancements are incorporated into your facial without lengthening the time of your service and at minimal cost – our crystal grids are even free! Just be sure to ask for any enhancements before your facial starts.



The focal point of our Holistic Facial and Warming Oil Cleanse, the gentle glide of a Kansa wand helps balance your skin's pH level, release toxins, and relieve tension. The sacred blend of metal also helps alleviate most skin conditions. Enhance any 60 minute facial with addition of a Kansa wand for product application.



Crystals transmit a subtle frequency of energy that can encourage the body to heal. When used in combination as crystal grids, the energy of the stones are amplified. We design each crystal grid to address your specific need be it anti-aging, calming or detoxing the skin, or releasing stress.



Using the stone of beauty and self-love, our Rose Quartz Eye Treatment can help rejuvenate tired eyes by diminishing dark circles, reducing puffiness, and lifting your brows. The soothing touch of the spoon also calms the mind, leaving you with a sense of inner peace.

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